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Sound Masking Systems: Advanced Technology

Sound Masking Systems from Pro Circuit in Kansas City are comprised of some of the most efficient and effective sound masking technologies on the market today. With a sound masking system in place, constant noise distractions that are common to many types of work environments are replaced by an overlapping, yet temperate, white noise – simulating the sound of a commercial HVAC system. In the hurried and often noisy work environment, the resulting effect of a sound masking system is the creation of an environment that is both comfortable and calming to the employees.

The Importance of Privacy in the Workplace

In the workplace or office environment, privacy conditions are often tied to worker engagement and productivity. Reports by experts in workplace ergonomics have often stated that the greater the noise distraction in the workplace, the lower the potential for employee output. Sound masking systems provide a number of benefits to any workplace environment, including a reduction in background chatter or ambient noise in the work environment. Studies have shown that by minimizing auditory distractions in the workplace, companies can improve the sense of privacy in the work environment, as well as reduce workplace stress and improve employee concentration and productivity.

Crafting Peaceful Work Spaces

Many types of sound masking systems make use of a “direct field” technology that allows the sound masking effect to blend easily into the background noise and create a quieter, less intrusive workspace environment. At Pro Circuit in Kansas City, our sound masking systems have been designed for maximum acoustical comfort – with the ability to create greater levels of privacy per each decibel of sound output. At the same time, our sound masking systems can also operate very effectively at low sound levels when a minimal effect is also desired. This is beneficial in areas such as private offices or conference rooms where sound masking “bleeding” is unwanted.

The Latest Technology

Pro Circuit in Kansas City can also upgrade an existing sound masking system to make use of latest technology in many types of office environments. Above and beyond our sound masking technical know-how and expertise, Pro Circuit also has a staff of customer-friendly employees who are here to answer your questions and serve your needs. Call Pro Circuit, Inc. at (816) 474-9292 and ask how Pro Circuit can help with your facility.



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