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Fire Alarm & Security, Monitoring and Paging

fire-alarm-securityAt Pro Circuit, Inc. our experienced technicians know that fire alarm systems are one of the most essential protection systems a facility can have. The best fire alarm systems monitor changes in the environment and detect threats or incidents before they become dangerous. Fire alarm systems work best when they are able to send both audible and visible signals to the occupants and emergency services. To protect our valued clients from the ravages of fire, We also provide design and installation services that are compliant with code.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarms are one of the most vital fire protection systems you can have. They detect and send either audible or visible signals in the event of a fire by monitoring changes in the environment or by manual activation. Pro Circuit works closely with our vendors to provide a wide variety of fire alarm systems. We provide design and installation that is compliant with codes.

Did you know? There are three major types of fire detection sensors: thermal detectors, ionization detectors and photoelectric detectors. Properly designed, installed and serviced, your fire detection system and early warnings may save lives and prevent loss of valuable assets.

Custom Built for Your Needs

As no single fire alarm solution will fit the needs of all facilities (one size does not fit all), the best fire detection sensors and related alarm system for your unique site, building or facility is a fire detection system that is designed and engineered to meet your needs.

Pro Circuit has experience in designing, installing, and servicing fire alarm systems for a variety of establishments. Whether a thermal detector, ionization detector, or photoelectric detector, we can design and install the fire alarm system that best meets your specific needs.

Please contact us for an appointment with one of our project managers for a consultation.

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