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Why Choose Pro Circuit?

First and foremost: We make you look good!


  • Safety: A controlled environment, less debris on the job site
  • Reduced interference with other trades
  • Manpower leveling: Smoother flow of work

Job Tasking

  • Each job we perform is tasked to the smallest level possible by the foreman performing the job
  • When the job starts, the foreman knows the job thoroughly and will at all times have one week and three week planners

Value Engineering (VE)

  • Our Project Manager reviews each job with the foreman during the tasking process in order to find and offer VE opportunities to the customer
  • New methods allow for smoother job flow


  • All apprentices go to 4 years of Bureau of Apprenticeship approved training
  • All foremen attend monthly training classes on leadership and productivity

Project Managers (PM)

  • Project Managers will be on site every day ensuring productivity and providing support to Foremen
  • Project Managers ensure you look good to your customer/supervisor

Project Coordinators

  • Provide all the clerical support to PML’s ensuring the PM’s on-site management of the Pro Circuit team
  • Improved, timely, consistent paper flow from submittal to close-out of your job


  • All employees wear uniforms consisting of company issued shirts, along with jeans, steel toed boots and Pro Circuit Incorporated hard hats at all times

Human Resources

  • Our HR department runs a continuous recruiting and hiring process in order to find the most qualified employees in the industry, those who best fit our culture of professional service and dedication.
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