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Motor Control Centers

motor-control-centerMotor Control Centers (MCC’s) contain vertical metal cabinets used to house the motor starter, or the device that regulates an electric motor’s performance. The Motor Control Center also houses the fused disconnecting means, or the device used in electrical systems that prevent excessive current from damaging equipment. By combining or grouping these components into one assembly or cabinet, Pro Circuit, Inc. can centralize your motor controls, cut down future costs by creating easy component expansion, enable simplified installation of line and control voltage wiring. Additionally, it requires less total space than single motor controller units. In the end, this gives you more space for production.

Proper Motor Control Selection & Installation

Multiple factors are involved in the installation, energizing, and maintenance of motor controls – including selecting and installing proper motor control equipment and ensuring the controls function appropriately for the right motor and machine. This prevents mechanical stresses under adverse conditions and ensures a smooth-running electric motor and controls. Therefore, comprehensive plans are needed for positioning, connections, terminations and ground-fault protection. Pro Circuit has the experience in the design and install of Motor Control Centers. We have worked with city, state, and the federal government, as well as the private sector in designing and installing or implementing the design of others. Pro Circuit has accomplished complete installs, added sections and components to existing centers, and executed retrofits. Pro Circuit has outstanding relationships with all the manufacturers, so regardless of what equipment is currently in your facility, we have the experience and training to help you meet your budget and schedule.

Skilled Motor Control Technicians

If you are looking for an experienced electrical contractor to perform commercial or industrial motor and control wiring repairs and installation, the technicians at Pro Circuit are skilled in all aspects of motor and control wiring. We provide prompt, knowledgeable installation and repairs. Please contact us for an appointment with one of our project managers for a consultation.

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