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Commercial, Industrial and Residential Emergency Power Generator Experts

Emergency Backup Generator Installation & Maintenance

If you’re looking for a commercial generator for sale in Kansas City, Pro Circuit offers installation services for both commercial and residential properties. We provide quality commercial emergency generators to businesses and emergency industrial power and circuit generators to homes. An emergency power generator will give you peace of mind as an energy backup if you experience a power cut.

Your professional generator will take and provide your home or business with the energy it needs to run while the mains supply is experiencing a power outage. Our experts have years of experience supplying generators in Kansas City and the surrounding area, so if you’re in need of an extra power supply you can rest assured you’ll be in safe hands.

Emergency Power Generator Installation Service

The installation of emergency power generators is a complex and delicate process. Commercial backup generator installation should always be carried out by an emergency generator company with certified engineers or electricians. We will ensure that it’s operating efficiently and safely. Our qualified team has experience in different types of generators for both homes and commercial properties. For the installation of commercial backup generators, we always send professional electricians who are very familiar with all types of commercial and industrial applications.

In residential properties, generators are typically placed outside and out of the way. During the installation, the registered electrician will ensure that you receive emergency power to your home’s electrical system backing up the appliances of your choice. In the event of a power cut, your emergency power generator will supply energy to your home automatically, even without you being there. This is due to a feature known as the Auto Transfer Switch (ATS).

How long does it take to install an emergency power generator?

Typically the installation of an emergency backup generator takes approximately two days. The generator will be transported by pallet truck and delivered to its new location fully prepared. In some cases, you might need a sight inspection beforehand to ensure we can provide the appropriate generator for you.

Our emergency generator service includes the installation of all power and auxiliary cables. This is performed by professional electricians to ensure safe termination close to your fuse board. Generators come with a remote start system, battery charger, and any necessary accessories for safety. Our electricians will also give you instructions and a manual for your emergency backup generator but are available on call if you have any problems or questions.

Home Generator Installation and Service

ProCircuit Inc is your Kansas and Missouri expert for home emergency generator service and installation. A home generator is essential in these uneasy times for keeping your home and family safe. A home is likely your largest asset and a home generator is small price to pay for the peace-of-mind it affords. You are able to protect not just home, but the contents and, most importantly, your family.

We offer consultation, installation and regular maintenance services for the most popular brands of home generators, including all Generac and Kohler residential models.

Emergency Generator Support

Our team at Pro Circuit also offers continuing support with our products from the selection process to installation. A professional generator is not always an easy purchase and we understand that you may have different requirements for your home or your business.

Whether you want to fit a circuit generator or emergency industrial power, our experienced staff will be able to advise you every step of the way and help you make the choice that’s right for you. We have a range of backup power solutions. If you’re looking for generators in Kansas City for your residential or commercial property, get a quote today.

Emergency Backup Generator Installation & Maintenance
Emergency Backup Generator Installation & Maintenance
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The following are some of our services:

  • Sales
  • Installation
  • Service
  • Testing
  • Scheduled Electrical Maintenance
Emergency Backup Generator Installation & Maintenance
Emergency Backup Generator Installation & Maintenance
Keep your business operational when a storm hits. Pro Circuit Inc. lists the 5 accessories that help boost the efficiency of your emergency power generator
Emergency Backup Generator Installation & Maintenance

With Pro Circuit you get experience, constant innovation and we stay up to date on trends and improvements relevant to your industry. Let us develop a solution for your next project.

Pro Circuit, Inc. has been providing companies with efficient and professional electrical and low voltage services since 1993. We have a strong reputation and a long list of loyal clients who rely on us everyday to help keep their businesses running smoothly.

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