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New Tenant Finish and Commercial Renovation

new-tenant-finishWhen it comes to new tenant finish and renovation, Pro Circuit, Inc. employs a wide variety of pre-fabricated designs and items built in-house that speed up and enhance interior and exterior renovations. Our company is firmly rooted in a long list of projects that cater to the ever-expanding business plans within our community and in areas across the nation. Our field construction process is detailed to the wire – before we ever set foot on site for the installation.

Saving Time & Labor

Perhaps no piece of the construction environment outside of emergency maintenance can be compared to the timely need for tenant finish renovations. Our customers who already have facilities or businesses don’t often have the time for lengthy construction delays or extensive build-outs. In these cases, the Pro Circuit tasking and pre-fabrication department works to save time and labor. As the project management and field installation team finalize the specific build process and schedule, our pre-fabrication department is already under way completing the products as designed and specified during the tasking period.

Trained Experts

Each project has specific guidelines and a definite direction of end result as guided by the customer. Pro Circuit employs thoroughly-trained electricians who specialize in many different fields. They take pride in their work and in what they can accomplish.

On-Time Delivery, Quality Projects

The Pro Circuit project history includes 100+ year old historical renovations, educational buildings, health care, retail, warehouse, and manufacturing facilities. Our project management team, field foremen, staff, and crew have a detail-oriented mindset that includes thorough pre-planning and constant communication with project stakeholders. The end results speak for themselves, with on-time delivery, quality-built projects, and owners who have their expectations exceeded.

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