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New Retail & Commercial Construction

new-constructionPro Circuit, Inc. has a history of building from the ground up with like-minded, results-driven contractors. Our wide array of experience has been utilized in multiple banking sites, data centers, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, law enforcement offices, medical facilities, military bases, religious institutions, restaurants, retail outlets, warehouses, zoo properties, and more.

Hands-On Approach

At Pro Circuit, we believe in a transparent evaluation process throughout each step to ensure success for the entire team. Our tight-knit company culture enables our project managers and staff to remain in constant communication – from the project estimate phase through project management and into field construction. At the front-end of any project, before the estimate is even considered, our company reviews each potential project. We make sure our company and the project being considered is a good fit.

Project Tasking

At the beginning of a new project – where our estimate is moved on a path to the project management team – the Project Manager and Job Foreman take the full project apart and put it back together piece by piece. This process, called Project Tasking, defines how a project is built. At this juncture, architectural design questions, engineering calculations, potential trade conflicts, master scheduling and manpower projections, and a complete material management profile are assimilated.

Quality Control

The new construction process then flows to our in-house fabrication department. This is where we enhance the uniformity of product and establish quality control. These constantly-moving streams of information and product flow together with the final end result always in mind.


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