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Design & Build

design-buildSuccess in the design-build process is achieved through efficiency of construction, steady project speed, and direct communication between the project owners and managers. At Pro Circuit, Inc., we offer efficiency in construction and best implementation methods that lead to expected design-build results.

Our Design-Build Approach

A project at hand is never just a project. Instead, it is an extension of current and future success for all – especially for the owner. At Pro Circuit, we work hard to understand and implement this notion into the entire design-build process. Each project group within our company works with the others. Forward thinking is a primary motivation. From original design concept to estimate – and from final engineered design to final installation – we keep communication at the forefront of the entire process. At Pro Circuit, we realize that changes take place during the course of any project – often due to the owner’s developing vision. With Pro Circuit on your design-build project, these changes can be incorporated into the project schedule in much less time than with standard construction projects. This ability to make changes in the middle of a project is due to a solutions-based team (a network of architects, engineers, and local suppliers) that understands the process and cuts out lengthy delays.

Detailed Tasking Process

A great beginning is the catalyst for the entire build process. Our in-house Tasking Process, which completely builds the project before the crew hits the jobsite, allows our foreman to see each completed aspect of the project before it is built. Once released, our in-house pre-fabrication department strives to enhance the uniformity of product and quality control and support a greater speed of schedule. In this pre-build Tasking Process, it is our aim to see any questions, potential conflicts, or streamlining of schedules thoroughly reviewed and resolved. And although we understand that every project question is unlikely to be discovered and resolved in advance, it is always our goal to have the most-complete project vision before beginning work.

At each final project turnover, it always pays off to recognize that when you begin with the end in mind, you finish well.

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