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Pro Circuit Service Fleet: Commercial Electricians On-Call 24/7

What is the Pro Circuit Service Fleet?

When you’re running a business, an electrical outage, machinery hiccup or system failure can cause your entire operation to grind to a screeching halt. This causes tremendous losses in production, efficiency, and, ultimately, profit. So who do you call when something goes wrong? If you’re a customer of Pro Circuit, you should already know the answer: the Pro Circuit service fleet.

Our service fleet is your solution to any electrical or low voltage issue you may have. Whether your PLC system needs troubleshooting, your automated system isn’t working properly, your security system goes haywire, or the entire electrical system goes down entirely, the Pro Circuit service fleet is here to help. Here’s what you need to know about this dedicated team of technicians who are standing by waiting to fix your electrical problems.

The Pro Circuit Service Fleet is On-Call 24/7

Outages know no day or time, season or clime, so our service fleet is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. That means that any time you have a low voltage or electrical issue, you can call our team and they will respond immediately to solve your issue.

But what if something goes wrong at 3 am?

The rule still applies: call us no matter how early or late it is at (816) 204-8722 and someone will be on their way.

The Fleet has Doubled in Two Years

The need for quality commercial electricians in Kansas City is so great that we’ve been able to expand our reach significantly. In the past two years, our service fleet has doubled in size and now consists of 36 vans. That’s over two dozen vehicles that are ready to transport the skilled technicians you need to solve your problem. This expansion allows us to be wherever you need us to be in Kansas City, whenever you need us to be there.

If Something Breaks, They’ll Fix It

The mission of the Pro Circuit service fleet is simple: if something breaks, they fix it. This means that you get the superior service you need from problem-solving low voltage and electrical specialists who will respond when an emergency arises. And you know how emergencies operate: they happen when you least expect them. Or else they wouldn’t be called emergencies.

How to Reach the Pro Circuit Service Fleet

There are two ways to contact the Pro Circuit Service Fleet:

1). From 7 am- 4 pm: call 816.474.9292
2). From 5 pm – 6 am: call 816.204.8722

No low voltage or electrical emergency will go unresolved when you work with Pro Circuit and have the support of our service fleet.

Contact us today to learn more!

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