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How Can a Power Outage Affect Your Business?

Electricity is invaluable to every operation and disturbances can affect your business’s profitability. Professional electrical installation is a key aspect to ensuring dependability and safety around your establishment. Power outages can be detrimental to your revenue, but with proper preparation, you can prevent these losses during a power outage.

Resilience Against Power Outages is Best for Businesses

What happens when natural disasters disrupt the distribution of power?

The Cost of Power Disturbances

Power failure is sometimes inevitable when a tornado, ice storm, or other natural disaster occurs. No electricity means operations will stop; no matter what sort of industry you’re in, you’re likely to deal with delays, costs, and loss of opportunities without electricity.

Your business loses when employees are unable to continue doing their regular tasks because computers are down and equipment is not functional.

This scenario presents lost productivity and lost customers, which will affect your revenue. A single hour of downtime could cost you thousands of dollars. Data from research and consulting company, E Source, revealed that American businesses in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and other industries lost over $27 billion in revenue due to power failure. This kind of financial repercussion could leave your business in a lurch.

While you might have a business continuity plan in place, it’s still best to also have preventive steps in place to keep a power failure from doing too much damage.

Investing in surge protection is deemed necessary because power outages, more often than not, causes a sudden change in voltage. This sudden change in voltage could damage computers and other equipment, which could lead to unexpected repair and replacement costs. Backup generators are also highly recommended to help combat revenue loss during power outages.

Fortunately, surge protection isn’t your only defense against power loss.

Power Grid Resilience and Power Outages

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) developed the Grid Modernization Multi-Year Program Plan to lower the occurrence of power disruptions. The plan is to boost the grid’s reliability and resilience. A modernized grid can help reduce the frequency and duration of power outages.

Weather-related outages have increased since 2003, causing thousands of businesses to lose money. A resilient grid against the storms could lower the occurrence of power outages. The plan also involves delivering electricity more efficiently so equipment and controls can function together at an optimum level.

Ensure seamless power distribution further with the professional design and installation of your electrical systems by our team of experienced electricians and technicians.

Your Contractor for Resilient Electrical Installations

Industrial electrical installations are more complex than residential installations, so they require more expertise and experience.
Our certified project managers and technicians will plan, design, create, service, and repair your industrial electrical systems. Our team has worked in more than 4,300 facilities, installing energy-saving products.

At Pro Circuit Inc., we offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Industrial Electrical Services
  • Commercial Electrical Services
  • New Construction
  • Low Voltage
  • Commercial Printer Maintenance
  • Emergency Power Generators
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