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Electrical Wiring

Maintenance Time: 4 Common Electrical Issues and Violations of Commercial Buildings

It’s hard to imagine what the world will be like without electricity. It is one of the most useful commodities we have today. However, electricity can also be dangerous to us if mishandled.

According to a report from the National Fire Protection Association, electrical failures and malfunctions were the second leading cause of home fires in the U.S. from 2012 to 2016. In the commercial space, a total of 739 workers have died from exposure to electricity during the five-year period. Of these, 417 deaths were caused by direct exposure to electricity, such as touching a live wire.

The significant number of electricity-related deaths and injuries in the workspace is one reason why it is important for businesses to conduct regular maintenance check-ups of their electrical systems. Another reason is to ensure their compliance with national and state regulations. Violating these rules can incur heavy fines or legal action against the company.

To ensure compliance with regulations, companies can hire experts who provide commercial electrical services to check on your electrical systems. Here are some of the most common electric issues and violations that electricians watch out for.

Faulty wiring

Dimming or flickering lights and fuses frequently breaking are signs of faulty wiring. A burning smell from turning lights on indicates serious wiring issues that need to be addressed immediately.

Installing new light fixtures with old wiring can also be a problem. New lighting operates at hotter temperatures that old wiring might not be able to handle. Experts advise rewiring electrical systems in buildings built before 1987 to prevent fire hazards.

Grounding issues

Ground loops are a common grounding problem in commercial buildings. The interconnection of electrical equipment results in multiple paths to the ground.

Professional electricians ensure that there is only one ground used as a grounding system in a building. This grounding helps excess energy escape into the ground and reduce the risk of damaging appliances, fire and electrocution.

Messy electrical panels

An organized electrical panel will help you identify which fuse is which. This is helpful when turning off the power supply in different areas of the building in case there is a fire. Have your electrician organize your electric panel for your convenience and to avoid violations.

Overcrowded wires

Wires overcrowding in the same opening rub each other and are prone to damage. These wires, when exposed, can get home and become a major fire hazard.

Experienced electricians know that three wires are the most you can fit through a 7/8-inch hole. This limit gives the wires enough room to shift and not rub against each other.

Employers are responsible for the safety of their employees. Knowing that there is less chance that your building will catch fire from electrical problems puts your employees at ease. Furthermore, a well-maintained electrical system helps save you money that might come from constant repairs and penalties.

Have your electrical system checked

Pro Circuit Inc. is one of the leading commercial electrical contractors in Kansas City. Our experts can design, create, service and repair your electrical systems. We make sure that your commercial electrical systems are in compliance with national and state regulations. We also provide a 24-hour service for repairs, as well as insulation breakdown and ground testing.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you.

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