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Kansas City Building Trends for 2018

As cities grow, so do the buildings that inhabit them. Though many cities across the United States see new developments every day, Kansas City, in particular, has been seeing a vast number of changes to keep up with its residents. As a result, various building trends have been emerging that we believe deserve some recognition.

West Bottoms Restoration

One of the most significant trends happening in Kansas City involves restoring many of the buildings in West Bottoms. From vacant industrial buildings to old living spaces, builders have plans to complete revitalize the area in hopes of drawing in more people to the city. Building projects like this maintain Kansas City’s rich history while providing updated living spaces.

The goal of the West Bottoms building restoration is to make the city feel less fragmented. After being known as a flood plane, Kansas Citians essentially abandoned the area until now. Many young professionals find the West Bottoms to be a very desirable location and the uptick in construction projects reflect that.

The Kansas City Museum Restoration Project

Although on a smaller scale than the West Bottoms, The Kansas City Museum also has its eye on restoration in the hopes of a 2019 re-opening. With more than 100,000 artifacts currently sitting storage, the $15 million renovations will be a complete makeover of Corinthian Hall after years of undergoing numerous repairs. The KCMO City Architect is hoping the remodel in the Historic Northeast area of the city will be able to tell the story of Kansas City in a new way.

Crossroads Apartment Projects

Whether it is out of convenience or for aesthetic reasons, many people are seeking an urban lifestyle in Kansas City. This has led to an overwhelming amount of apartment projects popping up all over the Crossroads area. Many feel that this area allows them the flexibility to live, work, and play without ever needing to leave their community setting.

For example, KCLoftCentral, who currently manages more than 1,000 apartment units, is developing apartments for people in the market for less than 1,000 square feet and Block Real Estate is planning their first development to be a $450 million mixed-use CityPlace community that is specially designed to offer the highest quality multifamily residences. Most notably, though, may be the brand new 228-unit complex that will total nearly $76.8 million. Though the project is still underway and a bit behind schedule, the vice president of the real estate development team behind the new building is, “thrilled to be working to bring new residential developments to such a highly desirable and vibrant location” and will be another project in Kansas City. This project, unlike the one in the West Bottoms or the Kansas City Museum, has been built from the ground up with a completely modern design.

Commercial Construction Trends for 2018

We are seeing a lot of large warehouse space being converted into coworking smart spaces. These are primarily offices that multiple businesses reside in, but they are more open than the traditional office building. These converted spaces usually have common areas and amenities available to those who do business there. A great example of this is the Plexpod in Westport. This space was once an old theater and is now a place for modern business to thrive.

Location is King in 2018

What seems to be mostly clear with the current building trends in 2018 for Kansas City is that renewal and community are most important. With future generations being more familiar than ever with close-knit communities, developers have also caught onto the idea that rather than build new, restoring older buildings can provide the Kansas City community with a wide range of vibrant history in metro areas. Construction companies are using new technology to breathe life back into old buildings making them some of the most desirable in the city.

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