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What Hurricane Maria Can Teach Us About The Need For Back-Up Power

What Hurricane Maria Can Teach Us About the Need for Back-Up Power

Hurricanes have the ability to cause catastrophic damage, often giving a minimal amount of time for preparation. As we’ve seen throughout the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, hurricanes (and natural disasters of any kind) bring communities and businesses to a complete standstill. From flooding to black-outs and even economic shutdowns, the constant need for people in any field of work to be prepared for the devastation of a hurricane, particularly when it comes to the need for back-up power, is more important than ever.

Are You Prepared?

An often over-looked segment in the turmoil of an incoming hurricane is preparedness in the workplace. Whether you are an employee or business owner, taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of your business before, during, and after unpredictable storms and other natural disasters are essential. First and foremost, developing a comprehensive plan that addresses policies, procedures, and contingency plans will not only help minimize the amount of potential damage caused, an annually reviewed strategy can help sort out much of the confusion that occurs in the storm’s aftermath.

Secondly, protecting your company’s important documents and other information that is crucial to business operations is imperative. Backing up documents, waterproofing on-site containers, and saving duplicates in an alternative, off-site location can help ensure your company’s survival once the storm has cleared. Thirdly, reviewing emergency plans, determining procedures, and coordinating with, as well as preparing, employees will help protect your place of business should significant damage occur. Your company’s response post-storm is just as important as your company’s readiness pre-storm.

Generator Maintenance

In the age of technology, nothing may be more important to your company’s survival than maintaining back-up power if/when a storm or other natural disaster damages your community’s electrical grid. The ownership and maintenance of a generator can help sustain some of the “one-two punch” that often comes with the damage of hurricanes. After you’ve done the necessary research in regards to which generator will best suit your company after a storm, the next step is ensuring proper maintenance and upkeep of the generator. Yes, that includes regular inspections.

Most generators require their first oil to be changed after 25 hours and every 50-60 hours beyond that. Ahead of the storm, stocking up on the proper oil and factory filters can help your generator continue to run many days after the storm has passed. Most generators will run about eight hours on five gallons of gasoline, which makes fuel management critical if you are expected to be without power for an extended period of time. Lastly, finding a local service provider can help inspect, maintain, and repair your generator in the off-season.

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Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Much like generators, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) supply necessary backup power during sudden losses of electricity and can help assure your operations run accordingly. Uninterruptible Power Supplies provide alternative sources of electricity that can provide backup power to your place of business or, at the very least, a select number of equipment that is crucial to daily business functions. Choosing the right UPS for your business is relative since all you need to know is what pieces of equipment your company absolutely needs to get up and running during a storm. While Uninterruptible Power Supplies can cost thousands of dollars, determining the price point to avoid potential losses to your company is nearly priceless.

Be Prepared When Disaster Strikes

As we’ve seen throughout much of 2017, hurricanes are nothing short of devastating to a community and the same goes for the businesses within that community. With the ability to shut down entire economies, hurricane survival, safety, and procedure should be taken with extreme care for all business owners with companies in hurricane-vulnerable regions of the world.

Comprehensive hurricane and natural disaster survival plans as well as adequate back-up power preparedness in terms of generator maintenance and Uninterruptible Power Supplies are just the beginning, but proper planning is always the best place to start for your business.

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