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How Missouri Businesses Can Benefit From KCP&L Energy Rebates

How Missouri Businesses Can Benefit from KCP&L Energy Rebates

Saving money and improving your bottom line is essential if you want to have a profitable business. The cost of energy is one area where money tends to disappear, and rather quickly. Taking certain measures to improve your energy consumption can help you save money. So, too, can energy rebates. If you own and operate a business in Missouri, you can boost your bottom line with energy rebates through KCP&L. Here’s how.

Install Energy-Efficient Equipment

Saving money can be as easy as upgrading your facility to be more energy efficient. KCP&L offers many energy rebates to Missouri businesses that install energy-efficient equipment into their facilities. For most standard upgrades – such as HVAC systems, water system upgrades, water heating upgrades, refrigeration and food service upgrades, and building and facility upgrades – you don’t even need pre-approval. All you need to do is get an authorized contractor to do the job and submit your application with the appropriate supporting documentation.

For custom upgrades not listed under KCP&L standard upgrades, there are still rebates available; however, you will need pre-approval first. And, if you need financial help getting your upgrades started, KCP&L can assist you by financing the upfront costs.

Put In Efficient Lighting

If you are a small business, you know that every penny counts. Installing energy-efficient lighting can help you keep more of your hard-earned money by lowering your energy bills (which helps to lower your operating costs) and improve your environment, for both your employees and your customers. The rebates offered by KCP&L could cover up to 70% of the cost required to complete the lighting upgrades.

The process is simple. Schedule a free consultation with one of KCP&L’s authorized contractors and decide upon the upgrades you want done. Your contractor will do the selected upgrades after receiving pre-approval, and KCP&L will pay the rebate directly. All you need to do is pay the difference. You get to enjoy lighting upgrades at a lower cost and save money over the long-term.

Reduce Energy on Peak Days

Energy is always needed for your operation, but there are certain days (and seasons) when the demand is higher. Reducing your electrical load during the days when demand is particularly high, by a minimum of 25 kilowatts, has numerous benefits. First, you reduce the strain on the electrical grid. The need for new power plants is lessened. Consumption rates can be kept at reasonable levels. You also help the environment.

When you reduce your energy usage on peak days, KCP&L offers a demand-response incentive that provides discounts on summer bills. While new applications aren’t currently being accepted, you can still call to ask about being placed on a waiting list, since the incentives are offered on a first come, first serve basis.

Make Your Own Energy

Whether you use solar, wind or some other form of renewable energy, creating your own source of energy helps you to save money and the environment. But if you then connect to the electrical grid, you may run into some issues. KCP&L can help you. With net-metering, KCP&L tracks the energy that you create in order to figure out the energy you create versus that which you use. In doing so, you can earn credits towards your electricity bills.

Making efforts to improve the energy efficiency of your Missouri business can greatly help you to improve your bottom line while also helping the environment. Earning rebates for doing so is even better. With energy rebates from KCP&L, not only do you get to keep more of your hard earned money, you can take that profit and reinvest it to really help your business flourish. Visit KCP&L to learn more about their rebate opportunities!

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