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Electrician Checking Wires

Fighting Future Fires: Is Your Commercial Electrical System Up to Date?

Electrical malfunctions are a leading cause of fires in non-residential buildings. Such incidents cost about $207,800,000, based on a 10-year period report from the U.S. Fire Administration. Of the sample, older commercial buildings are noted to be more likely to have failing electrical systems that could be a fire hazard. Updating your commercial electrical system regularly, therefore, makes it more efficient and safer for your organization.

Signs of Outdated Electrical System

A damaged and outdated electrical system can pose a serious threat to your organization. Knowing how to spot early warning signs should be a priority. Identifying wiring problems, however, can be challenging. Here are signs that help determine if your system needs an upgrade:

  • Frequent breaker trips – tripping circuit breakers is normal because it is designed to shut off your power every time the system is overloaded. When it happens more often than not though, it’s a sign that your electrical system has deeper, serious problems you need to deal with ASAP.
  • Flickering lights – another sign of faulty wiring is when you notice the lights look dimmer or when they flicker. Poor lighting condition affects the working condition of your team and it may cause accidents in the area.
  • Having frayed or chewed wires – this problem normally occurs due to rodents and it can be a major fire hazard. It can also cause short circuits and ground faults due to being exposed.

In some cases, you need to call a professional electrician to assess your building and perform necessary repairs. The cost of a wiring update varies, depending on the materials, lighting, labor, and permits. It could be costly, but it’s one that pays off in the long run because it keeps your building safe for occupants.

Maintain the Safety of Your Property

Keeping your tenants and employees safe all the time is commercial property owners and managers’ priority. Consider investing in wiring upgrades to keep your facility safe. This project removes faulty wirings that could be a fire hazard.

Wiring upgrades help you save money, as well. It prevents costly damage to your property and keeps injuries and fatalities down. It could be difficult to track the last time you had a wiring upgrade, however. Professional technicians will help you determine if it’s time for an upgrade.

Additionally, you’re likely to pass safety inspections with updated electrical systems. Commercial buildings often fail safety inspections for having bare electrical outlets, circuit breakers panels, and junction boxes.

Areas with electronic systems must have smoke alarms and other firefighting equipment. Detecting a fire and extinguishing it immediately are crucial in controlling the blaze, preventing it from further damaging property and threatening human lives.

Hire a Commercial Electrical Contractor

contractor checking the electrical wiringIn case you notice signs of failing electrical wirings in your building, call an electrical contractor right away. The worse wiring issues get, the harder and costlier they are to fix. Don’t tinker with any electrical problem, either. You could injure yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing. Let professionals who know how to better handle electrical problems using the right tools and techniques.

Pro Circuit Inc. offers commercial electrical services with highly trained contractors, project managers, and technicians. Our team designs, creates, services, and repairs electrical distribution equipment. We can also control or monitor your power. Other installation services we offer include lighting design, equipment automation, and security systems.

Our team provides 24-hour service for emergency troubleshooting and repair. Contact us for more information.

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