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Exploring Low-Voltage Systems for School Safety

Ensuring the safety of American students, regardless of whether they’re in kindergarten or college, is paramount. After all, the future of the US lies in their hands. Apart from human-related incidents, school administrations and government officials also have to safeguard students against natural disasters like fires, earthquakes, and more.

Low-voltage systems in educational institutions help increase the safety of students, teachers, and everyone else in the school. If you’re aiming to improve the security of your school, you can count on Pro Circuit Inc.

School Safety: A Look at Low-Voltage Systems

As a leading electrical and low-voltage contractor in Kansas City, we can guide you through the different types of low-voltage systems and help you determine which ones would benefit your school the most.

Different Types of Low-Voltage Systems

Low-voltage systems are those that only use 50 volts of electricity or lower. In schools (and many other commercial environments) low-voltage systems are used to power fire protection, security, communication, and network systems.

Fire Protection Systems


A low-voltage fire alarm system ensures the safety of your school’s students and teachers against more than just fire risks. It also helps your school maintain a semblance of order during other critical emergencies, such as earthquakes and other disasters.

Another low-voltage fire protection system is a fire suppression system. Equipment that falls under this includes fire detectors and sprinklers. You can choose from thermal, ionization, and photoelectric fire detection sensors. Similarly, you have a selection of materials to choose from to extinguish fires, including wet chemicals, dry chemicals, and gas.

Security Systems

Building security is critical to prevent trespassers, vandalism, theft, and more. Moreover, the prevalence of digitalization (and increasingly more competitive prices of electronics) means there’s hardly any acceptable excuse for the absence of closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance systems. In fact, these may well top the list of necessary low-voltage systems for school safety.

A CCTV system gives you live and recorded footage of your school building and can prove especially helpful when authorities are unable to get inside some areas of the school. Paired with intrusion detection systems and access control systems (both of which run on low-voltage) significantly boosts the overall safety of your students.

Communication Systems

A reliable sound and communication system is invaluable during emergencies. Paging and intercom systems, with call stations and speakers, are ever-present in schools and used for everything from organization announcements to general reminders. In times of panic and confusion, an intercom system can guide your students towards safety.

You can also invest in a mass notification system and wireless clocks to further improve organization during emergencies. After all, every second counts, especially during an emergency. A mass notification system, whether for your entire school population, only for the student body, or for your administrators and teacher, will make it easier to deliver instructions and ensure a coordinated effort for evacuation.

Trust the experts at Pro Circuit Inc. to help you find the right low-voltage systems to bolster the security at your school and ensure the safety of students. Contact us today to learn more or to request a bid.

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