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Emergency Power Supply: Don’t Leave Your Business in the Dark

In 2018, there aren’t many businesses that can successfully function without electricity. When the lights go off, machines stop working, and computer screens go dark, productivity comes to a stop, causing your company to potentially lose millions of dollars, do you know what your business will do? This worst-case scenario is easily imaginable, but it’s also just as possible. A few hours in a blackout can have devastating repercussions.

No matter which sector your company operates within, power outages can bring everything in your organization to a stop and this is why the need for a failsafe backup plan is so important. With an uninterruptible power supply you never have to worry or panic in a situation when your company loses power because, well, that is the entire point of a UPS.

The New Emergency Power Supply

As technology continues to improve, so does its reliance upon electricity, which makes maintaining power so essential to pretty much every workplace environment. This makes uninterruptible power supply essential to everyday business. UPS systems come in three different variations:

  1. Standby: A standby UPS system, also called an offline or line-preferred system, remains on standby unless there’s a primary failure in power.
  2. Line-Interactive: A line-interactive UPS system always remains connected to the output and if the power ever fails, it switches the electrical flow to provide continuous connection and filtering.
  3. Double Conversion: A double conversion UPS system has a backup battery that is charged by an input AC that powers the output inverter for a seamless transition in the event of a power outage.

Avoid Power Interruptions

An uninterruptible power supply serves multiple purposes for your company such as protecting against power interruptions and, in terms of continuity, an uninterruptible power supply helps ensure that no critical equipment fails in the event of a power outage. An uninterruptible power supply also provides you with sufficient power during short-term interruptions and maintains consistent power flow to the electronics that require it the most, eliminating glitches or surges in the process to give your employees an opportunity to safely shut down main systems in the event it is needed.

Improved Power Quality

Uninterruptible power supply systems can also refine the actual quality of power your building uses and act as a filter of sorts by adjusting its output so that your place of business only receives the cleanest and most consistent supply of power.

Power-Saving Abilities

Another key benefit of an uninterruptible power supply is its power-saving ability and most UPS systems can now even help you reduce general energy loss by nearly 55%. Lastly, a good UPS can even include a backup source in the case of long-term outages (much like a generator) and protect your company against any possible oddities such as surges, spikes, and dips and eliminating the anomalies before they cause any long-term damage.

Your Backup Plan

The truth of the matter is, we never know when a power outage will occur and we never know for how long. An uninterruptible power supply is a proven method to ensure that your business maintains power when it’s needed the most. Even a momentary hiccup has the capacity to erase data, zap systems, and corrupt files, resulting in production loss and sometimes worse. A UPS system is your absolute failsafe protection against power failures and interruptions to keep your business running as healthily, productively, and successfully as possible.

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