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How To Create a More Energy Efficient Workplace

When it comes to maintaining the bottom line, operating expenses should always be a top concern. Wasteful costs should be monitored and corrected to successfully maintain healthy profit margins. One potential area of dollar-depletion is the lack of energy efficiency in the workplace. Outdated technology and appliances, inefficient lighting, insulation, heating, and air can all add up to big bucks thrown down the rabbit hole that could be far better used for capital investment, margin-boosting, or increasing employee wages. Reducing energy consumption in the workplace is a win-win by combining environmental responsibility with cost savings.

With energy costs creeping up and negatively impacting profitability, why not conduct a thorough review of your company’s various energy uses and consider updating systems and equipment for real cost savings? If your employees were not operating at an optimum level, you would take steps to improve their performance, wouldn’t you? Why not treat your electrical systems the same way? Consider some of the ways to cut operating costs by improving energy efficiency:

Upgrade Office Technology

With technological developments happening at breakneck speeds, providing businesses with improved tech capabilities and lower energy costs, your office technology may benefit from an overhaul.  Low-voltage integrated systems provide data communications, information technology, and security in the 120-250 volt range. These products incorporate energy efficient features into the systems. These features include sensors that detect occupancy and shut off automatically, as well as other automation capabilities.

Business clients can quickly see a financial return on their investment in technological upgrades. Low-voltage office technology not only improves the functionality of office systems but provides substantial savings in operational expenses.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Upgrading the electrical panel and switching light fixtures to energy efficient lighting options, such as fluorescent T8 lamps with electronic ballasts, can provide 50% energy savings to a business in lighting alone. An updated electrical system will allow electrical energy to flow smoothly, improving reliability and efficiency. Features such as automated timers and motion detectors help prevent energy waste, further increasing cost savings.

Other Energy Saving Tips

Some additional energy-saving steps to conserve energy and reduce costs might include:

  • Invest in energy efficient appliances and devices for the office.
  • Use a programmable thermostat for heating and air, and set the temperature at 72 degrees maximum for the winter and 76 degrees minimum in the summer months.
  • Upgrade old appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwasher, heating and air conditioners with Energy Star appliances; the EPA rated appliances that are more energy efficient.
  • Review insulation in ceilings and walls, and repair any leaks around windows or doors.
  • If the business uses vehicles, purchase hybrid models for excellent fuel economy.

Pro Circuit, Inc, is the leading electrical and low-voltage contractor serving Kansas City, Missouri and can help you upgrade your existing office technology for improved cost efficiency. Pro Circuit also helps provides services that can help you design an energy efficient commercial space from scratch.  For the level of expertise, your business deserves, contact Pro Circuit, Inc.

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