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The Connection between Commercial Electric and Low Voltage Services | Pro Circuit

How Commercial Electrical and Low Voltage Services Go Hand in Hand

When constructing a new building, it’s easy to think about all of the major pieces that need to come into play to ensure that the project gets done. Of course, electricity is a crucial part of that. Figuring out your main electrical network is important, but you can’t forget the low voltage work side either.

Commercial Electrical Work and Low Voltage Work Are Intertwined

Commercial electrical work is what makes all of your big equipment – your lights, your machines, heating and cooling system – run. Both commercial electrical and low voltage services are important to ensuring that your facility runs properly. Both keep your commercial building and/or factory processes going, and allow you to make sure that it is doing so in an efficient and safe manner.

You Can’t Have One without the Other

Electricity allows you to have lights for your employees to see, it runs your big machines, parking lot lighting, equipment and computers that produce the goods and services that your clients need.

Low voltage services, on the other hand, allow you to maintain a safe and efficient environment. They provide you with ways to monitor your equipment and your floors, making sure everything is running well and without issue. You and your employees can communicate with one another as well as with any emergency services that might be required.

You need both commercial electrical and low voltage services to run your facility, and can’t have one without the other. Low voltage services help you monitor your facility and everything that runs on larger amounts of electricity. Without commercial electrical work, you would have nothing to monitor. And without low voltage services, your facility might have severe issues that can go unnoticed, leading to significant losses in productivity, property and revenue.

Essential Commercial Electrical Work

Lights are crucial to any facility. They allow your employees, and on-site guests, to see. But lights are useless if the lighting design is poor. Poorly lit facilities can lead to accidents. Because of this, lighting design is an essential part of commercial electrical work.

Just as important are lighting retrofits. HID bulbs, which are commonly used, are often said to produce more heat than light. They also lose almost half of their ability to produce light in about a year. Retrofitting light fixtures with LED lighting provides a better quality of light and last much longer.

Essential Low Voltage Services

Low voltage services maintain the safety, security and efficiency of your facility. Data cabling and wiring are the most important part of any given networked system, and its quality and design are what determine its performance. Security systems help prevent break-ins and theft. Fire alarm systems alert you to disaster, preventing potentially large losses. Voice and fiber-optics permit communication both inside between employees and outside during an emergency. Building automation gives you the ability to control the heating and cooling in your facility, including thermostat controls, duct work, etc. Finally, sound masking dampens loud noises, allowing for a safe environment.

For help installing and maintaining your commercial electrical work and low voltage services, contact Pro Circuit. Our highly trained contractors and technicians can help you no matter what your needs, allowing your facility to run as safely and effectively as possible.

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