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Building Automation Systems: Helping School and University Campuses Be Smart

Smarter buildings incorporate technology to improve the working and living environment, save energy and increase security. A building automation system (BAS) provides data on the performance and metering of building services through a network of microprocessor controllers to a central location. By centralizing and automating many of these tasks, building maintenance costs reduce.

Building automation systems are transforming corporate workplaces. Like companies, schools are universities are slowly utilizing building automation systems to become smarter.

Boosts comfort and productivity

Centralizing controls for HVAC, lighting and electrical systems help make the campus more conducive to learning. A BAS monitors the building’s environment and adjusts accordingly from a central location. With an automated HVAC system, the internal temperature of individual classrooms and lecture theaters throughout the building is easily adjusted. Having a BAS also ensures that rooms are well-lit when needed and turned off when not in use. The BAS can be programmed to automatically activate a generator during a power failure, particularly where power glitches threaten to lose work in computer labs and libraries.

Better monitoring and scheduled maintenance reduce disruption to classes because the electrical and ventilation systems run more efficiently and are less likely to break down. An improved working environment helps the productivity of students and teachers.

Lowers energy consumption

BAS in schools and universities reduce costs of energy consumption and minimizes the building’s environmental impact. Studies show that automated buildings can save around 15 to 30 percent on energy costs. Automation simplifies the process of assessing the working condition of the various utilities; breakdowns are identified more quickly than manual surveillance and be addressed immediately.

Some automated systems are programmed to present data showing where a building consumes electricity and identify energy hotspots. These gathered data can be used to assess the current energy distribution and improve a school’s overall energy consumption.

Ensures security

cctv inside a campusSecurity at schools and universities has become a major concern due to the increase of on-campus crime and mass shootings. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of an automated building system is that it gives peace of mind knowing a centralized, fully monitored security system is in place.

An automated security system can be customized to meet all safety requirements, including digital video surveillance, CCTVs, biometrics and access card readers. An alarm sets off to notify students and teachers whenever there is a malfunction or an accident inside the campus. The system is programmed to provide information to police and other first responders so they can react quickly to emergencies.

Automated security systems not only secure the physical campus, but it also secures other important school resources. It protects school files and additional confidential information against potential cyberattacks.

Ensuring working building automation systems

A building automation system is only efficient if it is properly installed. Pro Circuit provides complete installation services for major building automation providers. From cabling to control panel manufacturing, we make sure that everything is correct and in working order.

All of our equipment is pre-tested before the actual startup. Our technicians are experienced and well-trained to take care of your building automation systems.

Contact us today for more information about our services.

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