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The Advantage of Hiring a Certified Industrial Electrical Maintenance Crew

It’s common for non-professionals to tinker with electrical wiring at home. Some people have enough practical knowledge to get by. It would be foolish, however, to have the same lax attitude in industrial facilities or commercial buildings. Here, the circuit systems are more complicated as they involve several types of machinery, sophisticated equipment, high-voltage cables, conductors, and transmissions. These are indeed more than what an average handyman would know how to manage. Today we are going to talk about the advantages of hiring a professional certified industrial electrical maintenance crew.

Certification for Industrial Electrical Maintenance: Why It Is Important

Industrial facilities need certified and well-equipped electrical contractors to perform maintenance, routine checks, and repairs on its equipment and circuits.

The Risks in Industrial Electrical Maintenance

Trusting less-qualified people is a gamble that might result in business losses, injury, or even loss of life. An inexperienced electrician, for instance, might miscalculate the loads passing through power converters. Such an oversight could result in underloading, which in turn leads to inefficiency. It could also lead to overloading, which can potentially damage expensive equipment and is a fire hazard.

For these reasons, Pro Circuit Inc. recommends calling seasoned electrical contractors for the repair and maintenance of industrial factory equipment, machinery, and electrical systems. Certified industrial electrical contractors can answer your questions and provide sound solutions on minor or major electrical issues.

Official Proof of Professional-Level Competenceelectrician-working

An Industrial Electrical Maintenance certificate program is a classroom- and workroom-based program that teaches the ins and outs of electrical maintenance in an industrial setting. Several institutions in Missouri, like ABC Heart of America, the State Technical College of Missouri and the Metropolitan Community College, offer electrical training and certification. The curriculums may vary, but at the heart of them all is the goal of instructing on how to:

  • Install, maintain, and repair production and processing machinery and pipeline distribution systems.
  • Diagnose, identify, and locate equipment problems through testing and manual assessments.
  • Learn all about programmable logic controllers, motor controls, building automation, and robotics.
  • Solve mechanical and electrical problems quickly to avoid downtime and maintain the efficiency of production lines.

Instructors conduct classes in classrooms, workshops, and on job sites. The programs are designed to expose students to the real-life applications of electrical maintenance and repair. Students learn how to handle tools, manipulate cables, use testing equipment, and execute solutions to all kinds of possible electrical issues.

This is the advantage that Pro Circuit Inc. offers to clients as all our technicians undergo a four-year apprenticeship training program certified by the Bureau of Apprenticeship Training. We train our team’s novices to improve their skills and gain competencies in industrial electrical maintenance.

Setting the Standard in Missouri

The state of Missouri doesn’t have a state-level licensing requirement for electricians. Some local governments, however, make certifications mandatory, and others require electrical work to be done only by journeyman electricians. It’s best to approach your county office to find out which credentials you need to look out for when hiring electrical contractors.

Despite the lack of licensing requirements across the state, you can set the bar high and select the most qualified electricians for your facility. After all, your company’s efficiency and employees’ safety are at stake.

Pro Circuit Inc. can provide you with the superior-quality services that your facility needs, regardless of your industry. We invest in our team and equip our electricians with the knowledge and equipment necessary to make sure your facility is up to date when it comes to safety and efficiency standards.

Our Chief Operating Officer is a Master Electrician with over 30 years of experience. You can count on our collective expertise and proven professionalism. Contact our Pro Circuit Inc. team today to request a bid.

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