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How Advanced Automated Technology Is Transforming The Machining Industry

How Advanced Automation Technology Is Transforming the Machining Industry

Automated EDMs (Electrical Discharge Machining) use electrically charged metallic wire to cut complex and precise shapes out of any conductive metal and have long offered wire cutting businesses the benefits of working on almost every piece of metal, no matter how delicate or fragile. With the ability to make highly accurate and complex parts from extremely tough alloys, such as stainless steel, titanium, and cobalt chrome, machinery has drastically evolved from the traditional metal cutting techniques. While EDMs are great for machining solutions, knowledgeable operators of the machines have become increasingly hard to find— even computer-controlled robots can’t seem to fill the void. However, new advances in advanced automation technology, newer designs, and features are helping businesses solve this difficult challenge.

Why Has It Become So Hard to Find Good EDM Operators?

Well, that’s simple: everything has become automated. As more companies explore the world of automation to reduce labor costs and increase run times, machine operators have noticed drastic cuts to their workforce. In fact, machinery has essentially made it unnecessary for operators to gain objectives in understanding how the machines truly work. Most technology has become so automated today that all you have to do is push a button and everything works, which is why manufacturers are now working on creating advanced automation technology to fill the gap of quality operators. This new technology will not only help identify the kinds of new automation being used, but also understand the benefits of this kind of technology for all machining companies.

What are the Benefits of Advanced Automation Technology?

That answer lies in the heart and soul of any robust manufacturing company. With Human Machine Interface (HMI), operators can interface between the machine and its technology to ensure completion while also focusing on other projects and tasks as well as monitoring production and even communicating with the machinery from portable devices such as smartphones. Aside from simply maintaining output, advanced automation technology means even more enhanced output and productivity among the machinery and its operators. The machine can do more on its own and still achieve high-performance results, giving operators the ability to collect data, easily identify potential problems before they arise, and notice inconsistencies, allowing companies to upkeep machine and system maintenance without sacrificing output.

Advanced Automated EDMs: A New Way Forward for the Machining Industry?

Technology has drastically changed the landscape of many companies, but fewer have seen the most changes than machining. As technology has advanced, machines now have the ability to sense any deviation from the desired output and make any adjustments necessary to the next part automatically. While the technology can attract business to adopt the strategy, it has left the machine operators without the demand to learn the new technology.

Advanced automation EDMs have the ability to revamp the machinery workplace and support the needs of operators of all skill levels while also encouraging them to become more efficient and productive. With advanced automation technology, operators both young and old will not only achieve new objectives with successful results, the technology also makes machinery a more attractive career than it ever has been.

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