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A Guide to Building Automation Systems and Energy Savings

A building automation system (BAS) is an intelligent system that uses both software and hardware to connect security, lighting, HVAC, and other systems on the one platform. This form of automation is imperative when it comes to providing you with tools and information regarding your building’s operational performance, as well as improving the comfort and safety of the occupants.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss the importance of building automation systems in more detail, and show how they can save your business a considerable amount of money.

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Save energy with a building automation system

energy-savings-conceptOne of the main reasons why building automation systems come so highly recommended is because they enable you to save a considerable amount of energy. Did you know that energy use in commercial buildings is one of the largest waste areas? In fact, unnecessary energy consumption can eat up around 30% of costs.

Water, electricity, and gas can be managed and maintained through the use of a building automation system. The system can be used to correct any inefficiencies due to excess and waste. These sort of systems are going to use a number of different monitoring techniques to regulate energy use. Including sensors, sub-meters, meters, and much more.

These tools will ensure that energy is being used in a way that is cost-efficient and practical. The BAS you choose will manage the building’s water usage, recycling, lighting controls, and HVAC system to make sure that optimal levels of use are being maintained across the board.

1. Better productivity

Another benefit that you may not have considered is the increased productivity that can come from having a top-quality building automation system in place.

Building automation results in better ventilation and air quality, which will help employees to be more productive and reduce employee sick time. Don’t underestimate just how important providing the right work environment is!

2. Reduced maintenance costs

In addition to being able to control the indoor air quality in your building, you are also going to be able to reduce the total run time on your cooling and heating equipment. This means that there is going to be less ‘mileage’ and repair costs are going to be lowered over time because you’re not placing as much stress on your systems.

3. Simplify your building operations

Another way that you’re going to be able to save money is by simplifying your building operations. After all, it can be difficult to know what is going on in all parts of your building, especially if it is a large facility. Nevertheless, with digital displays and controls that come with building automation systems, it is easy for you to see what is going on in all parts of your building.

You will know how all equipment is performing, even if it is in the roof or crawl spaces. This makes it a lot easier to spot when something does not quite seem right and your equipment is malfunctioning. You will be able to get it repaired quickly so that it does not end up costing you tons of money.

4. Increase the value of your property

The value of a commercial building is typically set by figuring out the net operating income for the space. So, by reducing electricity costs, the net operating income increases. For every 10 cents per square foot that you save in electricity costs, you increase the market value of your building considerably.

5. Maintain comfort levels

Last but not least, it is important to recognize the impact that building automation systems have in terms of maintaining comfort levels in your building. Ensuring the comfort of employees and clients is an issue a lot of business owners and managers face. However, there is no easier way to achieve this than with a BAS.

The system will keep humidity and temperature at a comfortable level throughout your building, ensuring that adequate light levels are also delivered over different seasons and times of the day.

There are many benefits that are associated with using a building automation system. These solutions are important when it comes to keeping energy costs low and also ensuring sustainability.

A lot of people are surprised to learn just how much money they are wasting on unnecessary energy costs. Make sure that you are operating to peak levels of efficiency by using a building automation system. Contact the building automation experts at ProCircuit today for more information.

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