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Reducing Plant Maintenance Costs

6 Tips for Reducing Plant Maintenance Costs

As a plant facility manager, it is important to learn how to save money on maintaining your industrial plant. With regular maintenance practices in place, the overall maintenance cost will be reduced as well as the amount of time spent on maintenance needs. A preventative maintenance program is essential to saving time and money. Below are six more strategies to assist with reducing plant maintenance costs.

Implement Safe Work Practices

This should be a top priority. Implementing safe work practices will ensure that no accidents or injuries occur. When a facility cuts corners to speed up operations, accidents happen. An injury will only slow things down and cost the business money. Regular safety training ensures that all protocols are followed.

Simplify Maintenance Needs

The work day will run smoother if things are simplified. Procedures are needed for maintenance but tasks can be completed faster and in the right way when there is a checklist to follow. As a manager, create a detailed list that includes the necessary steps for each job so that you save the business time and money.

Schedule Predictive Maintenance

On top of establishing a preventative maintenance program, you should also work to implement predictive maintenance. A calendar needs to be created for regular maintenance tasks. When equipment fails, unnecessary downtime is avoided. You can also schedule such downtime when slow hours occur instead of having downtime unscheduled during peak productivity times.

Have the Proper Tools Available

As a manager, it is your job to ensure the proper tools are on site so the maintenance staff can do their job. Such tools can include maintenance software that tracks projects as they take place as well as alerts for upcoming maintenance needs.

Work with the Operator

In an industrial setting, there is usually a maintenance staff that handles all maintenance issues. This will include the testing of equipment with a preventative program. However, the operator of the equipment will be using the unit daily. It is important to train the operator to be able to recognize any problems that might exist. This could be a new noise or how the equipment is operating. Such issues should be recognized by the operator and reported so that maintenance can be scheduled.

Seek Out 3rd Party Servicing

Another option to reduce maintenance costs while increasing productivity is to bring in an outside service. An outside service company such as Pro Circuit will be able to handle the maintenance program. From repairs to servicing, having an outside company do the work can leave employees of the business to handle the busy day to day operations.

As a plant facility manager, it is up to you to create a quality program that works for your company. Take these tips and see how you can apply them to your industry, helping to cut back on maintenance costs, repair needs, and services. Integrating some or all of the tips above will ensure that time and money is saved.

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