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Arc Flash Studies

6 Reasons Why You Need Regular Arc Flash Studies

Electricity is essential to any successful business. But too much electricity can cause machines to overheat, potentially causing fires and significant loss.  Arc flash studies help to assess the level of risk present in the workplace.  They are complete evaluations of the electrical system. At the end of the study, your technician puts together a report that states where potentially dangerous areas are as well as the changes that need to be made.  There are a multitude of benefits to these arc flash studies that will keep you machinery, and your company, running as it should. 

1. Arc Flash Studies Keep You in Compliance

Depending upon your business, there are any number of internal, local, national and international standards to which you need to be in compliance. This includes the quality of your electrical system. There may be issues that you cannot see. An arc flash study will find any problems that could cause you to be out of compliance and let you know what changes you need to make. This allows you to meet the most current regulations.

2. They Keep Your Crew Safe

Your employees are crucial to the success of your business.  When one gets hurt, your business is also hurt.  Injuries can come from just about anything, including an electrical shock.  One of the main goals of an arc flash study is to eliminate the potential for electrical shock injuries.  While completely eliminating this risk may not be possible, an arc flash study will help you greatly reduce the possibility of an employee suffering a severe injury or even death.

3. They Protect Your Business

Your employees are not the only ones in danger from poor electrical equipment. Your business can also suffer.  Faulty equipment can cause an electrical shock, which can start a fire.  If this happens, anything inside your business, including the building itself, is at risk of being damaged.  Any damages incurred from a fire leads to financial loss, as you will need to replace what is lost and fix anything that needs repairing.

4. They Identify Maintenance Needs

An arc flash study checks every electrical area.  In doing so, it is able to identify any maintenance that needs to be done.  It finds faulty areas, such as poor connections, neglected equipment that is no longer in use, but still not taken out or contamination (which can be anything from dust to animal debris).  This then allows you to respond by fixing them and greatly decreasing your risk of loss.

5. They are Conducted Onsite

As a business owner, you are undoubtedly busy. Your time is precious and having multiple things to worry about can cause you a lot of stress.  The person conducting the arc flash study comes to you.  Your entire system will be evaluated.  The results are provided to you. You never have to worry about leaving your post.

6. They are Customized to Your Site

Your electrical system is as unique as you are.  It is set up to run your business according to your unique needs. It is not going to be exactly like other electrical systems. For this reason, your arc flash study can be customized to meet your needs and keep best interests in mind. 

The safety of your employees and your business is important, as is staying up to current regulations. Pro Circuit can perform an arc flash study on your electrical system to ensure everything is as it should be and, if not, show you which areas need to be fixed, greatly reducing your risk of any injuries or damages. Call Pro Circuit today to set up your arc flash study!

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