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Benefits of Building Automation Systems

5 Benefits of Building Automation for Your Business

Building automation systems (BAS) are the key to ensuring that commercial and industrial buildings operate smoothly and efficiently while keeping the environment within the building itself comfortable. These building automation systems offer many benefits that your company should take advantage of as soon as possible.

What is Building Automation?

Building automation is an interconnected, centralized system of both hardware and software that controls and monitors the environment of the building. It controls just about all electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems, including the HVAC, lights, power, security, alarms, access, elevators and closed circuit televisions. Traditionally, building automation was hardwired, but, thanks to constantly evolving technology, it is now going wireless.
Most new buildings that are being constructed are being outfitted with building automation ready to go. And if you have an older building that doesn’t have it, or has outdated automation, you can have a professional commercial electrician come in and install it for you. Here are just a few of the many benefits that building automation has to offer your business.

#1. Improved Energy Management

The number one benefit of building automation is energy management. Building automation gives you a way to control the heating and cooling and manage the energy inside your building. Heating and cooling (your HVAC) and your lights tend to be your biggest energy offenders, using the most energy, and therefore cost you the most. However, with building automation, you can control all the different zones of your building and adjust as needed. You can also set schedules, so that you use less energy when there is no one around. Building automation can save your business, on average, anywhere from 5–30% on your energy bills.

#2. Less Environmental Impact

Simply by reducing the amount of energy you use, you decrease any negative impact you could potentially have on the environment. Not only does building automation help you save on electricity, you can also have your system connected to the plumbing, and reduce your water usage. Less waste and better efficiency equates to a reduction of your environmental impact.

#3. Control Your Property from Anywhere

With the rise of wireless technology, you now have 24/7 remote access to all of the systems in your building. You can control your systems from any device that can connect to the internet. This is a wonderful benefit if you have an employee who needs to come in during off hours. You can simply sign in and adjust your system settings to allow that employee (or employees) to do their job safely and comfortably.

#4. Better Security

Building automation can increase your security when connected to security systems. You have access to your CCTV, so you can monitor everything within your building. You can program the doors to lock at a specified time. If your employees need to get in, they can do so via a key card or pin pad. Should something go awry, you will receive an immediate alert, which can be sent to the next person in command if you don’t address it within a specific timeframe.

#5. Less Stress

Finally, building automation can provide you with peace of mind, which means much less stress. Just knowing that you can see what is happening from anywhere, and will receive alerts should something go wrong, is enough to lower your tension levels. And if maintenance is needed, you will find out about it early enough (and get a maintenance professional out) before it becomes a huge issue, which saves you money.

With all of its benefits, it’s easy to see why building automation is the way of the future. And, it can be customized to meet your specific needs, allowing you to run your business and your property as efficiently as possible.

For more information on building automation systems and what it can do for your Kansas City business, contact Pro Circuit today!

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