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LED Parking Lot Lighting

4 Reasons Why You Need LED Parking Lot Lighting

Parking lot lighting maintenance can be a costly line item in your budget. Keeping up with energy costs, municipal lighting codes, and safety concerns are all factors that come into play when determining which lighting options are best. Yellow HID lights have long been the standard solution for parking lot lights, but the times are changing. If you haven’t upgraded to LED lighting for your parking lot, here are the top reasons why you should.

#1. They’ll Boost Light Levels

Ensuring that your parking lot is safe has almost everything to do with how visible it is. A dark parking lot can make your guests feel uncomfortable and make crime more of a possibility. LED lighting has been known to increase light levels compared to traditional HID lighting. LEDs provide a higher Kelvin value, better color rendering and more uniform light spread than HID lights. This means that you’ll get an unbelievably brighter—and safer—parking lot.

#2. They’ll Save You Thousands Each Year

Yearly HID light maintenance will cost you thousands of dollars per site. On the contrary, annual maintenance costs are incredibly low, if virtually non-existent, with LED lights. The costs associated with reporting an outage and sending out a crew of workers to replace them with expensive equipment are null and void with LED lighting.

Because of their solid light emitting diodes, LED luminaries can last up to 60,000 hours, meaning that they don’t need to be replaced nearly as often as HID lights.When you eventually replace them (potentially decades later), it costs virtually nothing to remove and dispose of them. And because they’re over 50% more energy-efficient than HID lights, LEDs can save you tens of thousands of dollars in energy costs each year depending on the size of your facility.

#3. They’re Easy to Manage

LED lighting is ideal for parking lot lighting because they can be manipulated to your liking. This means you can focus on certain areas, brighten them or dim them in order to adhere to municipal lighting codes, cut down on glare, and reduce light pollution. You simply don’t have that kind of flexibility with HID lights.

#4. They’re Easy to Retrofit Anywhere

Convinced yet? The best news is that LEDs are easy to retrofit for existing commercial or industrial HID light fixtures. This means that once you’ve made the decision to switch to LED parking lot lighting, Pro Circuit can quickly and efficiently remove your old HID lights and replace them with LED lighting. This will also help cut down on costs and help you improve your parking lot lighting in no time at all.

LED lighting is the choice of the future for parking lot lighting needs. It’s time to stop wasting time, money and resources on inefficient, energy-sucking HID lights that don’t illuminate your parking lot the way it could. LEDs are the clear choice for reducing overall costs, keeping visitors safe, and all around improving the quality of your parking lot lighting. Contact Pro Circuit today to find out how we can help you replace your existing HID lights with new-and-improved LEDs.

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